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Stewart Ruth, born in California, grew up in Switzerland from the age of three, where Skiing, chocolate, and fine European bread became his lifelong passions! He moved to Vermont in the 1970's for school, and felt right at home in the Green Mountains. The only thing missing was the wonderful European crusty bread that he craved. Finally, at age 30, Stewart decided to create these breads for himself. With the help of a childhood friend from an old Swiss bakery family, Stewart managed an informal apprenticeship in Switzerland, where he was taught the old European methods and formulas. 

Now 30 years later, Stewart continues these time honored baking traditions in Williston, Vt. baking and delivering his fresh breads to local stores and restaurants. Look for STEWART'S bright yellow labels and EAT GOOD BREAD!


Our Baked Goods

All of Stewart's products contain 100% natural, ingredients, and contain NO artificial additives, colors or preservatives. We bake and deliver fresh daily from our Williston, Vermont bakery.


Stewart's Baquette

Minimal, all natural ingredients with a touch of sourdough. SLOW 20 hour development time adds to the flavor and complexity of our signature baguettes. Available fresh daily in 24oz,12oz,and 4oz Petit Baguette!


Artisan Loaves

Stewart's French Country, Italian, and 3 Corn Bread are hand made artisan loaves. The dough for each bread is developed slowly according to the old European formulas. All 3 breads contain differing amounts of sourdough for a rich and complex flavor. FRENCH COUNTRY contains the most sourdough combined with both unbleached white, and whole wheat flour. Stewart's ITALIAN loaves are a traditional white bread containing unbleached white flour and olive oil. Stewart's THREE CORN BREAD a blend of whole wheat and white flour with sunflower, flax and sesame seeds..a customer favorite! 


ROLLS also available.

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Challah Loaves & Rolls

Stewart's Challah is made with fresh eggs, vegetable oil, and saffron threads for a complex flavor and pleasing yellow color. Stewart's Challah rolls make an excellent hamburger bun and compliment both sweet and savory foods. 80g, 100g

Portuguese Sweet Bread & Rolls

Our Portuguese Sweet Bread is made with butter, and has a slightly sweeter, yet subtle flavor. Portuguese Rolls make a wonderful sandwich or hamburger bun.
Stewart says his Portuguese bread makes the world's best French toast!!

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Sweet Potato Rolls
Beer & Sweet Potato Rolls

 Fresh roasted sweet potatoes give Stewart's Sweet Potato Rolls a satisfying chewy, yet light, airy consistency and earthy flavor.


The addition of locally brewed beer blends sweet and bitter flavors to create a unique and tasty combination. Stewart's Beer and Sweet Potato Rolls are covered with sesame, flax, and sunflower seeds for extra flavor and crunch. Pairs well with smoked meats and savory foods. 


Dinner Rolls

Stewart's Dinner Rolls are made with a mild sourdough. The perfect compliment to any meal. 60g


Hoagies, Round Sandwich & Deli Loaf

Stewart's Hoagie rolls (7 & 12") are made with a touch of sourdough and safflower oil for full bodied flavor and ideal texture. Our hoagies, round sandwich rolls, and deli loaves are used by many of the areas' most popular delis and restaurants. 7 and 12 inch

Also available in Honey Wheat in12"

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SWISS HOLIDAY BREAD: A Swiss holiday baking tradition. fresh lemon and orange rind, brandy, almond with golden and dark raisins.

KENT SPICE BREAD: An old British recipe. Fresh lemon rind, brandy, almonds, currants, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. As a customer at a recent tasting exclaimed, "It tastes like Christmas!"


Stewart's Pancake & Waffle Mix

Stewart's organic pancake and waffle mix is the perfect way to start the day!
This special blend is made with a combination of Unbleached organic white, whole wheat, and soy flours.
organic flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and poppy seeds and a healthy crunch and nutty flavor. Stewart's special recipe, which includes, yogurt and applesauce is featured.


From Vermont with Love

 Stewart's Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix is the perfect way to begin an energetic day! A blend of organic unbleached white, whole wheat, and soy flours combine with organic flax, sunflower, and poppy seeds for a delicious nutty crunch.

Stewart's favorite recipe!

Stewart shares his favorite waffle preparation methods on the back..
yogurt applesauce and eggs make these waffles the breakfast of champions!

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 Delivery Schedule 

French Country/Ital Rolls-DAILY
SWEET POTATO ROLL------Alternate Fridays
Beer/Sweet Pot------Alternate Fridays
CHALLAH--------------- M/Thu
THREE CORN BREAD------------Wed/Sat

Fresh Dough

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